The key to keeping your concrete looking great is maintenance. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your concrete as well as keeping it looking new for years to come.

Proper concrete care starts as soon as our crew leaves. Concrete has a curing process, which is usually around 28 days. It’s VERY important during this time to allow that to take place.. What that involves will depend greatly on what concrete project you have (i.e. driveway, decorative, plain, etc.). Our crew will go over your specific project with you prior to leaving the site. If you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Following these instructions will ultimately determined the strength of your concrete in the years to come.

Concrete will appear to be hard and firm fairly quickly, but will still be very green and weak for some time, as it completes the curing process. As difficult as it may seem, because we know you are excited to put your new project to use, it’s strongly advised to keep off of it for a minimum of 7 days for normal foot traffic, and 14-30 days for any heavy equipment or vehicles. Again, our crew will go over the specifics for your project with you prior to leaving. Following these instructions are crucial for allowing your new concrete to properly cure and to obtain the desired outcome.

Keeping your concrete clean and sealed is another very important key to long lasting beautiful concrete. A quality sealant is crucial for proper protection. Our crew will give you advice on which sealers are best for your project or you can also have that arranged to be done by us at the time of booking. Periodic cleaning, as well as cleaning up any spills such as oil, grease or stains with a concrete friendly degreaser and a pressure washer is strongly advised. If you don’t act fast the stains can become permanent and damage the natural beauty of the concrete.

Another thing you can do to help protect the concrete is keep trees and bushes with large roots away from the area. Roots can grow up through concrete as well as underneath of it causing heaving and cracking. This can also occur with heavy water flow underneath the slab. It can wash out the gravel base and cause cracking and sinking of your concrete.

During cold months it’s important that you not use any de-icing materials, including salt, on your concrete. This will ruin the finish and leave unsightly marks. We also strongly recommend using a plastic snow shovel (this is a must for decorative concrete) rather than metal, as metal can chip away the sealer coating and cause damage to the concrete.